Sparta: War of Empires

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Rise against Xerxes and become the hero Greece needs to gain control of their empire!

Sparta: War of Empires is a browser based MMORTS brought to you by Plarium. Players will be set back in fifth century B.C. Greece, during the war against Xerxes and the Persian Empire. Your task is to lead the city where it will become the heart of resource and wealth. Command an army and protect your city from the Persians in order for your city to grow powerful and indestructible.

You will find yourself in early stages, focusing on resources. Manage the three main resources: bronze, grain and timber. In order to increase production you will need to construct farms and forges to support the city. Each unit can be upgraded as well as your army. This will be a test to your patience and also to see how quickly you can build an empire.

In order to protect against the Xerxes, you will need to form alliances. This can be to join a coalition or develop your own. Fight as a team...

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League of Angels

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Join the power of the Angels to battle the forces of evil!

League of Angels is a browser based fantasy MMORPG with turn-based combat. The story involves the Angels watching over earth and their powers gone due to the twilight of the gods. Without the angels wisdom and guidance, the world fell into chaos. The Angels turn to humans to save and bring back the fallen world.

You will play as the human known as the Brave. Begin by selecting your Angel from 8 different races. However choose wisely as they each have their unique skills and will determine the rest of the formation. Bond with your Angel to upgrade her skills to become the strongest combo.

The main features involve various game modes such as Single player dungeons, Multiplayer dungeons, Rogue-like mode, Arena battles and Cross Server battles.

Play for free now and discover a whole new world!

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Wartune is one of the hottest MMORPGs out right now with amazing visual effects and addictive...

Wartune is a browser-based fantasy game which combines all of your favourite game genres into one. As the lord of your city you must grow your economy and build powerful armies to fight off demon hordes.

Not only does the game offer incredible imagery and visual effects but it also allows the user to experience some exciting hybrid gameplay. This provides players with a fully immersive experience.

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Knight’s Fable

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Every world needs a hero, so step up and be THE ONE in Knight's Fable!

Knight’s Fable is a beautifully designed free to play browser based fantasy MMORPG brought to you by R2 Games.

Engage in a world of high quality graphics accompanied with soothing music. This could only get better. Begin the game by choosing a character of four classes:

- Fighter: These are male dominated and are powerful during a solo fight. Exerting high damage with quick speed.
- Knight: Another male character with strong defense, unique power to lifesteal.
- Magi: Female dominated with magic abilities, for those who enjoy playing powerful magic spells.
- Spiritus: Another female class that acts as a support which can boost a whole teams attack.

Train your character to complete the storyline. Equip the best equipment and build your character to kill even the most deadly beasts. Don’t worry the game is rather fast paced and you will...

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